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Our Approach and Methodology

This is an overview of our training procedure

Needs Analysis

During this part of our customization process following questions are being asked:
  • What are the learning objectives?
  • Who will participate and why?
  • What changes in behavior would we like to see after completed training?
  • What barriers need to be overcome to accomplish this change?
  • Feedback and input from the participants.



The information collected during the needs assessment phase is used to customize a program that is 100% relevant to the learning objectives identified and relates to specific challenges the participants and their managers perceive in the participants' daily work. We design case studies, activities and simulations that are specifically designed to decrease any performance gap identified before or during the pre-course survey and needs assessment phase.

After each program, we will measure the results of the program in relation to its initial course objectives. This may involve follow-up on both team and individual action plans or other solutions designed upon request from the customer.

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