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Coaching Solutions


Coaching Solutions

Elevating Mindz offers following coaching solutions to corporate, institutional and individuals •

Executive coaching

- One to one performance coaching is increasingly being recognized as the way for organisations and individuals to improve performance. We help improving the performance of the most influential people within the organisation, with the broader understanding that business results should improve. We have experienced coaches who are operating from outside the organisation and their services are requested for an agreed duration or number of coaching sessions. Behavioral assessment tool is used to understand to identify the root cause/s and then coaching agreement is worked out with the stakeholders and coachee. We apply following coaching frameworks -
  • Action learning cycle
  • Developing behavioral range
  • Using the wheel of life (role play)
  • The Core behavioral aspect model
  • Emotional Needs (EN) change model
  • The Multi-selves model
  • Managing Time and Stress
  • Egan’s Skill Coaching Model
  • Zeus’s Emotional Intelligence (E) Behavioral Change Model and an Empty Chair model
  • Problem focused Coaching Model – (IDEAL Skill Model)
  • Challenging self-limiting beliefs

Career Coaching

Our career coaching activities focus on the individual’s career concerns, with the coach eliciting and using feedback on the individual’s capabilities as part of a discussion of career options. The process should lead to increased clarity, personal change and forward action. We use Career Option Report and Job Success Analysis report for Career Coaching solutions.

Performance coaching

Coaching activities here are aimed at enhancing an individual’s performance in their current role at work, to increase their effectiveness and productivity at work. Generally, we use Job Success Analysis report and paradox Graph report to understand the performance issues, apart from getting feedbacks from peers and line manager for effective coaching sessions. Elevating Mindz applies directive and in-directive both coaching models.

Skills coaching

This form of coaching focuses on the core skills an employee needs to perform in their role. A skill coaching provides a flexible, adaptive, ‘just-in-time’ approach to skills development. Coaching sessions are tailored specifically to the individual and are generally focused on achieving a number of skill development objectives that are linked to the needs of the organisation.

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